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Web design

Today, with the significant growth of the Internet world and the almost mechanization of life, websites have played a large role in the daily life of people. Because today, every physical business that exists in the real world has a site in the virtual world. For this reason, other people refer to internet sites instead of going to places to do their work. For example, people do not go to the market to buy clothes or any other kind of things. Because in the world of the Internet, they can visit many sites in the shortest possible time without any physical activity and see and compare many different products. That is why today website design has become an important and lucrative job that has many fans. has it.

Most likely, due to the internet of many businesses, many people are looking to learn website design.

Most likely, due to the internet of many businesses, many people are looking to learn website design. But it is better to know that not everyone can design a website. Because website design is a specialized job and only people who have been trained in computer and web programming for many years can do this job. Website design is a sensitive and difficult task, so it must be done with great concentration, precision and skill so that no problems arise. That’s why most people who are looking for website design entrust their work to website design companies. Because in this kind of company there are the most skilled people and they can design the best and most efficient site for you in the shortest possible time.

Characteristics of a successful site

Web design

Having a road map

First, determine what design you have in mind for your site. You must choose a visually appropriate and logical design. So that people who visit your site can easily interact with it.

Web design

SEO and optimization

SEO helps you to be seen better in search engines and the number of visitors to your site increases. The level of site optimization is very important and can increase sales and income of your business.

Web design

Site security

Take the security of your site seriously. For this, you need to have an SSL certificate first. SSL encrypts the communication between you and the customers. It will guide the creators of your site to make the site more secure.

Web design

Unique content

Producing exclusive content that is also optimized in terms of keywords leads to a high ranking in Google. Spend time creating quality content so that users trust your site more.

Obligations of site builders

In order to have a successful and effective site, a list of basic requirements must be prepared first. It is better for you to plan a map or a plan for your site and with expert advice. sazan siteYour to-do list will be more organized and the needs of the website will be clear, and as a result, your work will have a better output.

Committed to time

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professional Consultation

Web design

How is site design done in site builders?

As we mentioned above, the role of the company that designs the website for you can be very effective in the success of your website. For this reason, many of you may be looking for a reputable company to design your website. We introduce to you the site design company Seytsazan. Because this company, through a group of premium developers, using the best modern programming languages ​​and technological programs, taking into account all the factors of success in website design, from design compatible with search engines, with Proper SEO And quickly browsing and moving between pages, and visual identity elements will design the site for you. Here, we have explained the steps of designing a website for you.

● Analysis and collection of information: At this stage, after getting a detailed explanation from the client about all the details and functions that he wants to have on the website, they collect the project information and determine the types of activities and its purpose, what is the purpose of the website design. ? Then they design the site for you using the best methods.
● Initial design: The website design team creates a design concept at this stage, which shows the initial shape of the site and its different sections, the colors used, the functions and elements in it based on the purpose of its creation and the visual identity of the brand. to give
● Technical analysis of the website: after completing the initial analysis with the client and creating an initial vision for the site based on it, the implementation phase comes and the technical plans and technical mechanisms required for the implementation of the site are formulated.
● Site design: Work on UI-UX designs is done with a focus on choosing the right designs and colors, attractive design according to the type of activity, using the latest technologies in the field of web design and performing user experiences. Then they display the initial designs according to the information, details, colors and logo collected from the customer.
● Internal coding: After completing the external design of the site and its approval by the employer, the stage of converting this design including functions, sections and converting its images into code, the image required for programming the site and reaching its final form using the latest technologies and languages Proper programming begins to achieve the best results.
● Programming and development: In this stage of website design, the site builders will appear in the final form after creating the necessary compatibility between the design codes, the site’s programming language and the site’s control panel, so that the site will appear in its final design chosen by the employer.

Types of website design

The variety of purposes for which websites are created comes with different types and this is something that expert website design companies like website builders know. So the first thing you need to know is what you want from the website. We have introduced various types of sites here.

Personal website design

Personal sites are suitable for people who present themselves as a personal brand. This type of site segmentation will help you showcase your personal life highlights, interests, achievements, and competencies that you have gained from your influence in people’s lives for a number of entrepreneurs to take advantage of. They are also used to sell services such as courses and e-books.

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Business sites

These types of sites are sites that are created to manage business activities and their main goal is to provide all the conditions that lead to increased sales. Therefore, in addition to having several advantages, they also include the vision and mission of a company.

Information site design

These types of sites are electronic blogs that are created in order to provide public information in one or more areas of life and through them they can play a media role. Here are the benefits of designing an informational website:
● You give users a deep and accurate understanding of the information you provide, and you can use images, videos, and links that enhance the clarity of the information and prove to the user that their trust in you is real. support
● Makes you a recognized brand that is trusted by customers.
● The more comprehensive your topics and the richer your resources and media are, the higher you will be in search results, which encourages the creation of truly useful content.
● Designing an informational website allows you to reach a large part of the audience.

News site design

It is a software format suitable for journalism enthusiasts who are interested in daily reading of news in the fields of politics, economy, arts, entertainment, etc. The field is designed and among its advantages are:
● Keeps you and your audience up to date with the latest local, regional and global news.
● This allows you to deal with a wide range of authoritative news sources such as international news agencies.
● Informs you about a certain number of topics if you specialize in one field or a limited number of fields.
● Through it, you operate as a paper newspaper, where you assign journalists, provide them with the tools of coverage and get them to leave your event site as soon as possible. send to start work.

Forum website design

Forum is a small and primitive image of social networking sites that dared to take the largest market share because it represents the serious effort of Internet users to interact with each other and exchange culture and knowledge. The advantages of forum site design include the following.
● You create a more interactive community of websites, where every participant is a member who can post and comment.
● It provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge and information in spaces larger than those found on social networking sites.
● Facilitates asking for help from others.

Government website design

These types of sites are websites created by the governments of countries with the aim of providing services and programs to the people and making them familiar with the developments of governance decisions, and their purpose is to serve the society with government procedures from home, instead of being worn out in government organizations, and their benefits include These are:

  • It informs citizens about the services provided by the government to them and the information and governance decisions they need to know.
  • Publishes job advertisements in government sectors.
  • It allows citizens to log in to receive continuous updates via email.

Why entrust the design of your site to site builders?

Seyt Sazan is one of the most reliable website design and digital marketing companies in Iran, which has a long history in the field of website design and can provide you with the best websites at the lowest cost in the best possible time.

Frequently asked questions about website design

سوالات متداول طراحی سایت

Surely, by having a great website, you create 24-hour access for your users, and you also have the possibility of advanced search and classification of site content and products, and other facilities, including connection to the banking portal, quick product edits, and optimization and SEO facilities. A good website is the result of the credibility and identity of your business Be seen better with a good site and sell more

WordPress is an optimal content management system that includes many features that can be accessed for free, which saves money and is easy to use for managing and supporting the site.

The host actually means the host, which is a part of the server that is always on and connected to the Internet, so that the site information is continuously accessible to the users of your site, the amount of hosting space has a direct relationship with the amount of information space of your site. It is like designing a website by The creators of sazansite.com

Most of the problems that users face after designing a website is the use of inappropriate hosts. Using a reliable and strong host not only improves the speed of your site, but also increases the number of users visiting the site and has a significant impact on the SEO of the site. you will have

This issue depends on the field of work and geographical connection with the audience of your site. It is better if most of the customers are inside Iran host Domestic means, in fact, choose Iran’s hosting that is geographically close to you, because it has a great impact on the loading speed of the site pages for users, otherwise, if your customers are in another country, it is better to get the hosting of the same country.

The advice of the site builders to you, dear users, is that if your site is a store, after designing and delivering the site, first optimize and develop your products, then launch your online payment portal, which all store sites are equipped with. The work is better than the content How do I set up an online payment portal? read the

According to the features and facilities that you have in mind for your site and the free consultation that they give you before designing the site, they usually deliver the site to you within 10 to 15 working days depending on the site’s facilities.

The creators of the site will prepare an educational video for you, and you can contact support to answer your questions.

If your site has an online store and portal, it is mandatory to use the enamad.ir symbol site to obtain your electronic symbol.

You will receive 3 months of free support in Sazan site, a good support including useful user guides to navigate the site and the maximum possible changes that you want, as well as technical and specialized support provided by the Sazan site design team in these 3 months. offers you.

It is better to know that WordPress is easily expandable and you can add new features to it.

If your business activity is not limited to the country of Iran, it is better to apply the feature of multilingualism in your website design.

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