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about us

Our story

Sazan site, as its name suggests, is a site builder

. This brand started with the dreams of a girl who was trying to build her life. Having a lot of experience in various IT businesses and website design, as well as her team work ability, she decided to start this brand. to launch and move forward with full responsibility, the friends who have been compassionately by the side of this team and were involved in the successful works of the site builders, have caused the growth and development of this brand, and the customers who have been and are satisfied with the site builder team and are still committed And loyal to this lovely brand, which made the dreams of that successful girl come true with all these interpretations.

sazanSite processors

about us

Advance your goals with a free consultation by website builders

Design plan
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By specifying the plan and roadmap, we help you to get better results

Implementation of the plan
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Your desired design and design by our experts

Development and improvement
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After the initial design.. We will develop and improve the site according to your wishes or to create features given by you

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We support your website with specialized support by website experts and fix the work problems

SEO and content
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With good content management from the team of site content creators, we will help you advance the site in SEO principles and the SEO process

about us

Why do you choose sazansite?

By giving free advice on your business, the site builders will give you a broad view of the online and digital marketing world. This team will compassionately tell you how you can progress or get promoted in your job.

The different design experience with the site builders is a very attractive experience with a very beautiful and different user interface in the design of customer sites. The site builders, in addition to a beautiful appearance in the design of your website, also implement a technical and fundamental infrastructure in the design plan for you. will do

After designing your site, Sazan will insert about 20 of the client’s contents on the site. You need to know that these contents are included in the site in accordance with SEO principles, and this is one of the important points that Sazan has in the site design plan. It makes the site different from the customer’s point of view.

We have to say that the answer is definitely yes. Site builders are obliged to solve all the customer’s technical problems with 3 months of free 24-hour support and help them to think about their next business plans and improve their site. .

One of the main tasks of site builders is to deliver the site after planning the design plan on time. Commitment on time is one of the hallmarks of our technical team, and we will remain very loyal to the customer in this regard.

In the types of personal, professional, exclusive and store website design, different facilities are planned and implemented depending on the customer’s needs in the website design plan, so we depend on the type of your business and also the demands you have from the website builders. We will design it for you and we will also help in its development and improvement after the design.

With the preparation of a comprehensive and complete training video by the site builders, the customer will never worry about training and learning her site. This educational video will teach you all the necessary parts of your website in a simple and smooth way and will help you to make the necessary changes on your site with a simple and convenient user panel.

Pay attention, when your site is designed, it will not be indexable for search engines in Google, because the site must be introduced and indexed to Google in the appropriate platform of design, so after designing the site, we will introduce your site to Google, but to be seen. It is better to enter the content production and SEO plan in the desired keywords. Get in touch with Seo consultants.

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