The difference between store site maker and site design

Store sites are one of the most important parts of a store where you can experience high sales. You can also use site builder to have a store site. But in your opinion, what is the difference between a store website and a website builder? Why do many people spend a lot of money to design a professional website? We will introduce you to the difference between the two.

What is a store site?

In order to understand the difference between the design of a store website and a website builder, we must provide you with a general definition of these two sites. Store sites, as the name suggests, are a platform for branding and increasing sales. These sites are designed with many features and customers can easily buy from them. As a result, you can multiply the sales of your products with the exclusive design of the store site and its basic management.

سایت فروشگاهی چیست؟

Definition of site builder

Site builders are software that help you design your desired site in just one minute. You don’t need any expertise or knowledge to use this program and you only need to enter your information in it. Also, site builders deliver sites to you for free. But designing a dedicated website is expensive. You can use site builders to get started to get familiar with setting up a site.

What is the difference between a store site and a site builder?

– Difference in facilities

One of the most important differences between a store site and a website builder is in the facilities and capabilities of the store site. As you know, in order to insert a product or buy a customer from a store site, you need various facilities, such as a banking portal, product variety, different plugins, shopping cart, color scheme, and so on.

Site builders consider only limited features for sites, which cannot be upgraded or added. But store sites have advanced features and can be increased by using various plugins.

– Site security

Many shopping sites upload hundreds or thousands of products on their site. Loss of information and imported products can cause a lot of damage to the site owner. Currently, there is no guarantee on the security of the devices and its management is done only through the company that produces the software.

But dedicated store sites have full site security and all information can be periodically backed up so that it can be restored in case of data loss.

– The difference in the cost of website design

One of the features that determine the difference between a store site and a site builder is the cost and budget of store sites. You don’t have to pay for website design with website builders and you will have the website for free.

But store sites require payment due to high features and capabilities. But in the case of standard design and functionality, the cost will be returned to you quickly.

– High speed and fast access

If the speed of store sites is low, customers will stop buying and you will lose a lot of sales opportunities. For this purpose, store sites have high loading speed so that you can put a large amount of information in it. In general, it is not possible to compare the capabilities and facilities of store sites with site builders. Because the store sites are very professional and advanced.

– Site update

Another feature that is very important in store sites is the ability to update and change the site. Considering that the main focus of store sites is on introducing the product and selling more, it should be possible to add new information and products to it every day.

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– Site support

When expressing the difference between a store site and a site builder, it should be emphasized on the support of store sites. Users can hardly benefit from the support services of sites designed by site builders.

This is despite the fact that the website design companies accompany you until the moment of launching your website and help you to solve the problem in case of any problem while using the website. Also, the site builders will increase the ranking of your site several times by following the principles of SEO in the site design.

سایت فروشگاهی با سایت ساز - پشتیبانی از سایت
Site support

Is it possible to design a store site with the site builder?

The answer to this question is determined based on your needs and expectations. For example, some people intend to launch a website just to introduce their products. But for professional activity in this field and direct sale of products through the site, it should be designed using WordPress or other platforms. In general, the most important difference between a store site and a site builder is in the shopping cart, payment gateway, price, transportation, warehouse, inventory, etc.

آیا با سایت ساز می توان سایت فروشگاهی طراحی کرد؟

What should we do to design a store website?

By calling 09195536656, you will easily get useful information about store sites and how to use them. Sites are powerful tools that can be used to generate high income. The condition to reach a profitable business through the site is to design it in a principled and standard way.

Some website design companies waste your money due to lack of skills and expertise in this field. But site builders will guarantee you a significant income.

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