The difference between the built site and coding site

You, who are reading this article, definitely need a website for your business. You see different and sometimes astronomical prices on the sites. It is not necessary to pay a high price for website design. Website design rates start from 3 million tomans and above. But site designers do not suggest the use of ready-made sites to business owners. Sazazan site design company has prepared an article for you to inform you about the difference between a ready-made site and a coded site, so that you, dear friends, can have the most suitable site with sufficient information.

What is a ready site?

You can see different prices and differences by searching on the internet or contacting website design companies. For example, some people do website design at a cost of 30 million and others at a cost of 4 million. What is the reason for this price difference? Website design companies try to reduce customers’ costs by using ready-made websites. Ready-made sites or CMS are designed with Joomla or WordPress systems and are provided to designers in a ready-made form. These sites have problems that we will talk about later.

تفاوت سایت آماده با سایت کدنویسی شده

Introduction of coded sites

Advanced coded sites are ready-made sites. You cannot get these sites cheaply. We all know that coded sites have high quality and efficiency. Because coded sites are specially designed for your business and bring you more results. Currently, there are several programming languages that are used to design dedicated websites. The coded sites are taken from the needs of the employer and all the needs of the company and business are used in it. As a result, it can quickly bring you to your goals.

What is the difference between a ready site and a coded site?

Prepared and coded sites have a series of differences in addition to their similarities. Below are some of these differences:

At the very beginning, we should start with the price of website design. The price of ready-made sites is lower than coded sites and is considered the best option for small businesses.

Another difference between a ready-made site and a coded one is the SEO of these sites. Coded sites are far more standard than ready-made sites and can be directed to the first rank of Google faster.

Another difference between a ready site and a coded site is the loading speed of these sites. The speed of the sites depends on the traffic of the site, but usually the coded sites have higher speed.

Website security is another very important factor in website design. Coded sites are highly secure and less likely to be attacked by hackers.

Support is another service that site designers must provide to customers. Therefore, you should get help from reputable companies for website design. To use website design and SEO services, call 09195536656.

Is the site ready or coded? which one is better?

To reach the answer of whether coded sites or ready-made sites are better, it is necessary to examine various aspects. Your needs, the amount of budget, the type of business, your goal, etc. determine the type of your site. Usually, big businesses use specially coded sites to achieve greater and faster success. These sites are designed exactly according to the wishes and needs of the employer, and new features and facilities can be added during the use of the site. But for small businesses or just introducing products, you can use ready-made sites and pay less. Therefore, before launching the site, first examine the difference between the ready-made site and the coded site in order to choose the type of site that suits your needs.

تفاوت سایت آماده با سایت کدنویسی شده

The price of the site is ready and the site is coded

One of the main differences between a ready-made site and a coded site is its price. By searching the Internet, you will see many ready-made sites, each of which has a specific price. Therefore, the cost of ready-made sites is priced based on the appearance and type of site. But the coded sites are determined according to the plugins and site facilities, their price range is determined. Because zero to one hundred sites are done exclusively by a professional team. Sazan site company with website design in Karaj, Tehran and other provinces has high expertise in website design and coded website, and you can order the type of website based on your needs and budget.

قیمت سایت آماده و سایت کدنویسی شده

Exclusive website design

Dedicated sites, as the name suggests, are designed specifically according to the employer’s opinion. These sites have been set up from zero to one hundred by the site designer team and do not have the defects and problems of ready-made sites. Also, you can add new features to the site or change its appearance long after the site has been designed and launched. But it is not possible for every person to make changes in the coded sites and it definitely requires programming knowledge. Also, these sites need support. Site builders have the honor to provide zero to hundred website design to business owners.

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