The difference between WordPress and coding site

Are you also thinking of developing your business through website design? Designing and setting up a website is not that easy. The employer must get complete information about the types of sites and their capabilities. The difference between WordPress site design and coding will help you choose the best site for your business. WordPress site and coding site are two common and useful sites for businesses. By reading this article, you will choose the best site for your business.

Which website design method do you prefer?

WordPress is a very practical and flexible content management system and it can be set up without coding. Well, despite the cheapness of this site, many people design their sites specifically to reach their goals faster. A WordPress site can answer many of your needs. But coding sites have higher efficiency. The difference between WordPress site design and coding tells you which site is better and can help your business progress.

تفاوت طراحی سایت وردپرسی با کدنویسی
The difference between WordPress site design and coding

The difference between WordPress site design and coding

– Site speed

Website users need high speed and leave the site with the shortest loading delay. The loading speed of the site is between 1 and 5 seconds. A delay in page loading reduces the number of users and visitors to your site. Database or php has a direct impact on site loading time. After the user clicks on the site, the information on the database is executed by the server and your site is displayed to the audience. Therefore, coded sites load faster and attract more visitors.

– Comparing the cost of a WordPress site with coding

Price is one of the most important issues that we have to address in the difference between WordPress site design and coding. The cost of designing websites depends on several factors, including the features and facilities of the site, its type, delivery time, service quality, etc. Usually, the cost of designing coding sites is higher than that of WordPress sites. Our experts can provide you with sufficient information about website design costs through the contact number 09195535565.

– WordPress site SEO and coding

Usually, the sites that are on the first pages of Google will have more chances to generate income. This work is done only by using SEO rules, which itself has a long process. Adhering to the principles of SEO and ranking in Google requires high knowledge and expertise. For this reason, companies get help from experts to set up and work with the site. Using a very professional team, the site builder company will raise your site to the highest rank in Google. Therefore, if you do not have expertise in SEO, call 09195536656.

سئو سایت وردپرس و کدنویسی

– Updating the site

Updating is one of the positive points for site designers because the sites should be changed according to the business. WordPress sites can also be updated and some new features can be added to it. But the coding sites are completely exclusive and its codes and sources can be changed. Of course, this requires knowledge and coding skills. Reputable companies undertake the task of site support to fix the problem of the site if needed. As a result, you should always leave the website design to reputable companies. Our consultants can guide you by calling 09195536656.

– The speed of WordPress site design and coding

Design speed is another difference between WordPress site design and coding. Using ready-made WordPress templates and sources gives extra speed to WordPress site design. But to design coding sites, you have to start from scratch. For this purpose, it may take you months to design and code the website. It is better to use ready-made WordPress templates for high-speed website design. Of course, the speed of the company’s website design and how they operate also have a direct impact on the website design time.

Is WordPress site more secure or coding?

Security is one of the main factors in choosing a site. Let’s say you launched your site and stored a lot of information on it. If the security of your site is not complete, you may lose all the information. The security of WordPress sites and coded sites is the same, and site designers can ensure site security. Of course, WordPress sites are open source and it is a little more difficult to maintain their security, which of course can be prevented from being hacked using various tricks. But the security of coding sites is at a very high level and it cannot be easily penetrated.

WordPress site or coding, which is better?

Finally, by reading the article above, you got to know the difference between WordPress site design and coding. Now we come to the answer to the question, is a WordPress site better or a coded site? There is no definitive answer to choose the best site. Choosing a WordPress site and coding depends on your use cases. If you intend to start a site only to introduce the product or give credit to the business, WordPress sites are very suitable. But to speed up branding and sell more products, it is better to use coded sites. Because these sites will provide you with more features and facilities.

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