The difference between site maker and WordPress

Site builder and WordPress are two useful tools that allow you to expand your business by setting up a website. Knowing the difference between WordPress and WordPress will help you choose the most appropriate website design method for your business. We fully explain the difference between these two tools and their efficiency and benefits so that you can order your ideal site with complete information.

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What is a site builder?

Website builders are practical software that allow you to design a website for free. There is no need for programming and design knowledge to use the site builder.

Because all the necessary instructions for designing the site have been designed by the creators of the program. On the other hand, website builders have a high speed and you can finish the website design process by spending only one minute.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source platform. This means that you can design a dedicated and professional website using specialized codes. WordPress has a very simple and easy user interface and everyone can enter their services and products. But to design a site with WordPress, be familiar with the principles of site design.

Some WordPress templates are available to customers ready and free. But to design a dedicated site, you have to pay to design specific templates for your site.

What is the difference between site builder and WordPress?

– The difference in price is the first difference between a website builder and WordPress

Price is one of the most important criteria for many people when designing a website. Site Builder and WordPress both provide you with the possibility of designing a website for free.

But to design a site with WordPress, you have to pay for hosting and domain purchases. In contrast, sites designed with WordPress bring faster and more efficiency. This factor has caused many business owners to use WordPress to design their website.

– The flexibility of site builders or WordPress?

Another difference between site builder and WordPress is the flexibility of WordPress. Normally, WordPress provides predefined plugins to users. But if you need special add-ons, you can custom design it.

Receipt issuance, banking portal, discount timers and more advanced items are among the plugins that can be added with WordPress. But site builders have predefined fields that cannot be added, and its capabilities cannot be upgraded

– High security of WordPress

One of the main differences between WordPress and site builder is the high security of the WordPress site. WordPress site designers prevent it from being hacked by adding security plugins. Also, business owners can easily save healthy and complete information from their site through backup.

In this case, you will be relieved about the security of the site. But correct information about the level of security of website builders is not available. Support for sites designed by site builders must be provided by the software manufacturer, and there is no guarantee that a healthy version will be provided.

تفاوت سایت ساز با وردپرس
The difference between site builder and WordPress

– The power to update the WordPress site

If we want to talk about the difference between site builders and WordPress, there are many things to say about the superiority of WordPress. Due to the high popularity of WordPress, new and more advanced features are added to WordPress every day.

These features are used by programmers. Also, customers can order the template and features of the site in a customized way. But site builders have less updating power and you can’t expect them to design advanced and professional sites.

– Ownership or rental?

Definitely, everyone likes to be an owner rather than a renter. Website design in WordPress also gives you a sense of ownership. Because the site admin has full access to the main programs and databases of the site.

But site builders provide a series of codes and sources that customers do not have access to and cannot change. Also, WordPress sites can be upgraded after a while using programmed codes and new and more advanced features can be added to them.

قدرت بروز رسانی سایت وردپرس

– The difference between the site builder and WordPress is the user interface

Another difference between site builder and WordPress is the way to change the user interface. The WordPress user interface is designed in a fixed way and editing pages should be used to change the elements. This is in the case that in site builders, the appearance of the site can be easily changed by dragging. Which of these two is more suitable?

Since the user interface has a great impact on the number of visits to the site, it should be designed in a principled and exclusive way. As a result, website design with WordPress by professionals is more effective. Call 09195536656 to find out about the best color of the website background and user interface.

تفاوت سایت ساز با وردپرس با رابط کاربری
The difference between site builder and WordPress is the user interface

Which website design method should we choose?

Above, we have fully explained some of the most important differences between the site builder and WordPress. But maybe you still can’t choose the best website design method for your business. Website design with WordPress guarantees an increase in your income. Because WordPress sites are more professional and easy to work with.

On the other hand, website design with WordPress has a reasonable tariff and you do not need to pay a high fee for this work. Our consultant will introduce you to all the necessary information for the best website for business. To complete your information, just call 09195536656.

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