What is the back link

What is a backlink and how important it is in SEO?

Google search engines have determined many factors for ranking sites. Backlink is also one of the factors that Compliance with it follow the ranking of the site. What is a backlink and how important it is in SEO?

Backlinks give credibility to your site and make the site credible in the Google’s prospect. In this article, site builders have fully addressed the issue of links so that you can improve the quality of your site. If you are also involved in SEO or want to improve your site, this article is very suitable for you.

What is a backlink?

In short, a backlink, as the name suggests, is a link from one web page to another. In fact, by placing backlinks on other sites, you invite users to enter your site, and this is very important for Google. For example, you have a website selling home appliances. Put an invitation links on your cooking website and introducing your products can increase site visitors. In this way, you have to advertise your dishes in an inconspicuous and quite intelligent way while teaching cooking.

بک لینک چیست؟

What is the importance of backlinks in SEO?

The most important goal that SEOs pursue is to increase the ranking of the site. Because the ranking of the determining site is determined on the first page and as a result increase. Google’s algorithms are designed in such a way that each invite to the site is considered as valid for your site. In this case, you can see the growth and promotion of your site after backlinking on other sites. Therefore, you can increase your site by providing backlinks on other sites and you can level the site accidentally

How to do backlinks?

Placing backlinks or external links on the site has its own rules. One of these rules is placing external links on sites related to your business. This means that you should not place your site link on unrelated sites. For example, you have a selling cosmetics site, and linking your site on the site of industrial tools will not only have a positive effect on the site, but it will also have a negative effect. in conclusion, this should be done very intelligently to promote your site.

What site to put backlinks on?

Apart from the relevance of your site to the linked site, the authoritative site should be checked. The links should always be placed on reliable and strong foreign sites. Linking from help sites cannot generate visits for our site. Therefore, before giving the links , you should check the credibility, content and the number of visitors to the linking site. In this case, you will understand what backlink is and how important it is in SEO by viewing the link feedback.

بک لینک ها را در چه سایتی قرار دهیم؟

What are the features of a good backlink?

In the past, each external link increased the site’s rank. But the ranking by backlink depends on the feedback of this link. For example, to increase site visits, you should mention the link inside large and popular sites. Therefore, the relevance of the external site to your site and its validity are among the main features of a backlink. In this case, he can expect to have a good feedback from the backlink.

Types of backlinks

In order to better understand what a backlink is and what it has in SEO, you should familiarize yourself with the types of backlinks. In general, external links are placed in two groups of follow and no-follow. External links have more valid and important followers than unfollowed links. Linking on social networks or Wikipedia has no points for your site. But you can’t ignore the ads in other links. As a result you should use follow and unfollow links simultaneously on your site.

How much does a backlink cost?

The sites receive advertisements and your work and site. This cost is based on the credibility of the site, the type of linking, the number of such people. But linking on reputable sites will be returned to you with an increase in visitors. For this purpose, a good SEO first checks the costs and the amount of link feedback and then makes the costs. You can get the exact cost of SEO

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بک لینک چقدر هزینه دارد؟

What is the difference between internal and external links?

Backlinks or external links introduce your site through other sites. In this way, the audience enters your site through another site. But external links are links that are placed on other sites. Both linking methods should be used for SEO. In this case, you can increase the rank of your site.

Benefits of backlinks

By this part of the article, you definitely understood what backlink is and how important it is in SEO. Among the benefits of backlinks, we can mention increasing site traffic, turning your site into a reference site, branding, and increasing site quality. As a result, every site needs backlinks to increase quality and high efficiency. You can also get help from site builders for this.

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