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Corporate website design

Today, companies need to design a corporate website to promote their products and brand in order to be recognized. Usually, advertising methods of the past are not as effective as today’s methods. Because today’s advertising methods are mostly through the Internet, which has a large audience, and you can attract the largest audience for your brand all over the world with the lowest cost. For this reason, corporate website design has many fans and many people are looking to gain credit for their brand by using website design. But it is better to know that only people can do corporate website design well for you. Be trained and have expertise in this field.

The most important points of corporate website design in site builders

When designing a company website, we must always pay attention to certain things in order to design a good website. Website builders also pay special attention to some things to design a good corporate website, which we have mentioned here.

Choosing the right name for the site

It might be interesting for you to know that the right name is one of the important things that can greatly affect the popularity of your site and brand. Because in fact, the name of your site represents you and your business. That’s why the name you choose should be very appropriate and special, that’s why site builder consultants always state this when you refer to their company and in many cases they also offer you very good suggestions.

They don’t collect everything at the top of the page

It is true that your site visitors may spend more time at the top of your page, but this does not necessarily mean that they are ready to take a specific action (buy a product or service, register on the site, etc.). So be careful not to pile all the information or call-to-action at the top of the page, but try to convince your audience more about your company and its services and place the call-to-action buttons and links in the right place. For this reason, website builders usually pay special attention to this point.

They avoid submenus and tabs

The important thing in corporate website design is that important information and pages are not hidden behind expandable menus and tabs. 76% of website visitors actually read a (quick) scan of site content, so site builders make it easy for your audience by making all important content visible without having to click a link or icon to display it. slow

It uses pictures of people

Portraits of people are generally more powerful than any other type of image. From birth, we look at the human face more than anything else in the world. Therefore, using images of real people in corporate website design is very effective. Faces and images of people not only help to attract attention, but also increase conversion rates when used on corporate sites. A famous study by Basecamp showed a significant increase in sales when real people’s photos and testimonials were used on company sites. Therefore, your site should not look like an abandoned spaceship with no human soul in it. Usually, website builders always suggest that you put photos of some of your company’s employees along with their work and expertise on the site so that more people are willing to do business with you.

They design the site clearly and descriptively

Navigating a corporate website is usually intuitive, so it’s an opportunity to connect with visitors. Site visitors often start by quickly scanning the top of your website or web page (header), so everything you put there is likely to be visible, including the various menus. When you give these listings generic, impersonal names, you’re missing an opportunity to tell your visitors what your company is all about. That’s why website builders always follow these tips when designing a company website and give appropriate names to all your lists.

The stages of designing and developing a corporate site in site builders

Designing the perfect corporate website can be challenging, especially if the digital world is a bit far from you. For this reason, it is better to familiarize yourself with the method of designing and developing a corporate site in the site builders step by step.

– Search and discover

It is important to have a clear vision of the company site and start looking for inspiration. The discovery process for site builders will include looking at competitor sites or looking at well-known sites in your industry. At this stage, site builders observe what your competitors are doing.

During the development process, be sure to ask many questions of different people and constantly research the features and functions used in your industry.

If everyone in your industry offers a scheduling or booking tool on their site, it’s your right not to include similar features. For this reason, site builders will never include duplicate features on your site. Usually, in the stage of discovery and search in corporate website design, website builders ask you to do the following things.

Determine the purpose of your website: A corporate site will have very different features than a healthcare facility site. And this ultimately affects how visitors use your website.
Search your competitors’ websites: What is the industry standard for quality? How good are your competitors and in what areas can you do better? Do you have a standard to meet? You have to do all these things for the site

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